The object of the Institute is to promote, organize, sponsor, undertake the study of the life and thought of Mahatma Gandhi as well as the predecessors of Gandhi and contemporary thinkers and social revolutionaries who have drawn inspiration from Gandhi, or arrived at similar views as a result of their own experience and reflections, as also, to undertake comparative studies of the philosophy and methodology of Gandhi and other thinkers and social revolutionaries, and to carry out the above object:

To undertake and organize the study of, and research on,

  1. the life, work, philosophy and the methodology of Mahatma Gandhi,
  2. the content and implications of Gandhian thought in all aspects and fields of social life;
  3. the nature of social institutions and relationships from the Gandhian point of view;
  4. concepts of development and social justice at the micro-level, specially in rural/tribal areas, based on Gandhian ideas;
  5. popular movements or programmes of action that have been/are undertaken in prsuit of the objectives of a Gandhian social order or adopting methods that draw inspiration from the Gandhian approach of non-violence and peaceful social transformation; and,
  6. current trends and events in the light of the Gandhian philosophy;
    • To organize and conduct courses of study, training programmes, lectures, and seminars and conferences on matters that are relevant to the above mentioned objectives;

    • To Institute fellowships and scholarships at different levels, either for individuals working on their own or as research fellows in the Institute or other educational institutions, to promote study and research on various aspects of Gandhian thought and action;
    • To organize and run a documentation-cum-indexing service to collect and disseminate information on the activities of institutions or individuals or movements that draw inspiration from Gandhian ideas;
    • To organize extension work for the application and dissemination of Gandhian ideas;
    • To organize consultancy and counseling services for the benefit of individuals/institutions engaged in Gandhian studies and the constructive programme;
    • To undertake the publication of journals, magazines, tracts, monographs, books, reports of seminars and other study materials relevant to the above mentioned objects;
    • To organize and assist in the maintenance of libraries and reading rooms to promote popular study of Gandhian thought;
    • To co-operate with other institutions and organizations engaged in similar activities,
    • To collect and disseminate information/data on institutions and individuals engaged in constructive work or the study and dissemination of Gandhian thought; and,
    • To promote and carry on research in various aspects of Gandhian thought and activities, to carry out such activities and studies on a scientific basis and to work for the application of science and technology for rural development

The objectives of the Institute are clearly reflected in the courses of study and guidance that it offers, both to the younger generation and to the more mature activists and workers.

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