International Congress on Peace and Non-violence


(Some of the excerpts from the letters of the delegates)

 You gave new and complete meaning to “ubiquitous” and “indefatigable”! Frankly, I’ve been to a lot of conferences, conventions, and congresses in most parts of the U.S.A. and in many parts of the globe over the past 50 years, but I’ve never seen any planner-organizer- guiding intelligence do so much so well for so many people for so long. So thanks!


And thanks too for the sensitive consideration you showed Kay and me in so many ways – from the guest housing to the logistical and transportation favours to, especially, introducing us to your wife and daughter.


Again, our thanks and congratulations to you and everyone connected with IGS. Nothing would give us greater pleasure than to see you again – here in the U.S. and/or Wardha.

M. J. Lunine

Professor Emeritus of Humanities and

Global Peace Studies, San Francisco State University, USA

I ensure you that I am available to continue with all the members of the group, to promote peace and non-violence in Cameroon and in Africa. I would equally like to express to you my gratitude for all what you have done for a good organisation of the Congress.

Claude Njuwu Chupenga,

Sociologist, Bangoua, Cameroon

I cannot describe to you the joy of your lines kindled in my heart. I arrived home on February 3rd in perfect time to begin Great Lent in silence and let India settle in my being.

Time and space appear illusionary – for physically I’m here in Nazareth and Wardha, your faces, the whole event is one of intensive presence.


I came back with a confirmed heart that each one of us can make the change. Several groups already are organizing themselves to listen. I’ll share my heart in all simplicity.

Soad Haddad,

Teacher, Hafia, Israel

All the staff and students of IGS had done wonderful work in the Congress. They deserve a pat on their back.

G. Vijayam

Executive Director,

Atheist Centre, Vijayawada

It was indeed a privilege for me to be with you people for almost three days. And it added all the times your love and affection for all most all times with dignity. I was there to learn. And I did so as much as I can. My thanks to you all for mailing me email address of all participants.

Sharad Borkar

Journalist, Accredited with Govt. of Maharashtra

Thank you once again for this very nice stay at the Institute of Gandhian Studies and for all the opportunities we had to meet a number non-violent people.

Jean Molenat

Montpellier (France)

Many many thanks for having invited me to attend The Congress, at IGS Gopuri, Wardha. Believe me I have found you warm-hearted & painstaking too. Hope you may be relieved now . It was an enriching experience for me as before.

Subhash Mehta

Advocate, Mumbai

I had to leave the Congress two days early to participate in the 2008 World Peace Congress in Pune. I did not want to miss the discussions and hope to receive the results later. I enjoyed meeting the delegates from so many places. Thank you and all for your hard work making this event happen.


The world is in an urgent position due to global climate change and resource depletion due to our life style.

Bernie Meyer

Gandhian Activist, Olympia, WA, USA

I just wanted to thank you for all your work and commitment during the congress. Also, I wanted to let you know that I will send tomorrow the cd with the pictures that I took in the different events.


Thank you for opening your space and share with us a little bit of your beautiful country.

Paloma Ayala

Masters Student, Department of Conflict Analysis and

Resolution, Nova Southeastern University, Florida

It was indeed wonderful, inspiring and educative for all. Let us hope such wonderful people in the conference will be doing quite a number of follow-up things in their respective places. The world will have some hope, indeed. Many thanks for the excellent hospitality and everything.

Prof. E.P.Menon

Executive Trustee,

India Development Foundation, Bangalore

What a pleasure to receive your message! Thank you a lot about all things-you-together- give us I am working to realise a movie…. I am often thinking about you and your family;….

Monique Garnier

Mailloulas, France

It was a great experience for me and I love India. I hope to come back soon. People spoke about making an internet site with all of them, but I don’t know if somebody is working it out or not.


Thank you again for your kindness during all the time in your place. Best greetings to all staff and students.

Maria Rebuelta

Infantes, Spain

Thank you very much for your welcome in your Institute. We appreciated a lot, also, the pre-Congress programmes. We also hope further collaboration between your Institute, other Indian organizations, and ours.

Simone and Bernard Dangeard

Community of Ark, France

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