International Seminar on Gandhi and The Twenty-first Century

(The observations of a few participants on the International Seminar )


 “I learned a lot from this visit, indeed. Mainly about Gandhi and Gandhian thought, which, as I mentioned at the Seminar’s last session, I understood in rather narrow context. Gandhi is certainly one of the greatest nonviolentists. However, his significance as a thinker and as a perfectionist in thought and way of living is much – much broader. And this is what opened me during the Seminar and non-formal talks with various Seminar participants. During the last days in Delhi with Professor Stepaniants we visited Gandhi Museum and saw a new exhibition there, what became an additional touch in my re-discovery of Gandhi.


As one who has some experience in holding conferences, I can imagine how much energy you personally contributed to the success of the Seminar, including the coordination of so many visible and invisible people.”

Prof. Ruben Apressyan

Institute of Philosophy, Moscow, Russia

“… I have told many people that in terms of my research on Gandhi’s philosophy, our visit to Wardha was the most beneficial part of our trip to India.”

Prof. Douglas Allen

Orono, Maine, USA

“In my opinion … this Seminar was a hundred per cent success. The fact that it was held in two venues, made it possible for us to see at least a good portion of ‘our mother India’. Our first session at the ‘Shanti Shala’ at Sevagram is an immortal incident for me. The inaugural song (of unusual devotion and incomparable sweetness) and your opening speech invoked in me some sense of wonder as well as a deep sense of responsibility. I have made a tape recording of this event, and my family members and my friends who listened to it, expressed their pleasure at the timeliness of the Seminar.


The break down of the Seminar topics into four sub-sections was very logical and it made possible some vigorous discussions.”

Shri P. Disanayaka

Vimukti, Kuliyapitiya, SRI LANKA

“How would you feel about our including the two publications of yours in the lesson materials we send for the course? If you permit us to do so, then we would like to place an order for 200 copies of each. We will, of course, send a check to cover costs of purchase and mailing.


I think of you with treasured memories of my time spent in India for the Seminar six weeks ago. The next several issues of our ‘Gandhi Message’ will contain reports from that experience.


I confess that my initial enthusiasm for the trip and the conference was mild-anticipating, as I was, the arduous travel and strenuous schedule of the preparation and the time away. I was always grateful for the opportunity and committed to the purpose, but I did not foresee that the time and meetings and entire experience would become so important, inspiring and rewarding to me.


I gained form less tangible or describable things, but very affecting and memorable ones. From the inspiring setting itself, from the guiding influence of such experienced and creatively dedicated persons as yourself, and from the challenge of sharing ideas with persons from many and diverse areas.”

Srimati Kamala,

Director, Gandhi Memorial Centre, Washington D.C.

“I had the good fortune to learn a great deal, meet many old friends whom I have not met in the least 30 years and had the impetus to reshape some of my own thinking. The most beneficial to me was the knowledge that so many selfless and devoted activists are working all over India towards the same end.”

Prof. Tarun Mitra,

Academy of Comparative Religions

Salt Lake, Kolkata

“It was an indeed a most beneficial exercise to me. … I am really impressed by the Institute and its very pious environment required for Gandhian studies. If you will give me any opportunity to visit the Institute again I will be at your service with great pleasure.”


Prof. Dilip R. Shah

Head, Dept. of Rural Studies,

South Gujarat University, Surat





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