Alumni Meet      

(The excerpts from the sharing of the meet)

 “I have done M.A. in Gandhian Thought from a university. But I could not get the opportunity to understand the teachings of Gandhiji in the proper perspective during the two year course in the university. It was only through this course I got a clear idea about Gandhiji’s teachings… I got the inspiration to do positive and constructive work from this course.”

Prasun Latant

Staff Reporter, ‘Jansatta’, Chandigarh

“In the course, we tried to study Gandhian thought, to explore Gandhi’s philosophy, its various aspects and not just the bookish philosophy like a bookworm but analytical study of Gandhian thought. It provided a great vision for me, it opened my eyes and totally reconstructed my life … In nine months we learned, we tried to live according to Gandhian philosophy. We never tried to follow Gandhiji blindly. This is what Varmaji taught us.”

Sanjay K. Matey,

District Co-ordinator, Nehru Yuva Kendra, Wardha

“My present achievements and failures are the result of the training in the Gandhi Vichar Parishad and whole credit goes to Shri Ravindra Varma. We got intellectual and philosophical understanding of Gandhiji mainly through Varmaji. I learned more from this course than from the post graduate level study at the university.”

Dr. Clymes Augstine,

Lecturer, Christ Church College, Kanpur

“The Course helped me to frame my own life.”

Jacob John

Social Worker, Asha Gram Trust, Barwan

 “At the end of the course, when I was leaving the Institute, perhaps I was the happiest person… I got more exposure from the Institute… I came to know about many principles which are applicable in our daily life.”

R. Chuingamphy,

National Commission on Labour, Government of India,

New Delhi

“This training has great significance in social life.

Vijay Pidurkar,

President, Gram Vikas Parishad, Sawangi (Juni), Yeotmal

“The most important thing which I learned from the Institute is discipline which I failed to get from other educational institutions”.

Sharda W. Katare,

Social Worker, Indian Institute of Youth Welfare, Nagpur

“This course helped me to identify the goal of my life and how to achieve that goal”.

Shyampada Mukhopadhay, Burdwan

“The course increased my interest in social service”.

Dwarikanath Rout,

Sadhana Vihar Sevashram, Dhenkanal

There are more of such excerpts that can be taken from the observations and the views/opinions expressed by the participants.


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