Research and Publications

From the very inception of the Institute, its faculty has been engaged in study and research on various facets of Gandhi,s life, thought and methods of action and made significant contribution to the growing literature on Gandhiana. The faculty of the Institute has published books and contributed a number of articles in reputed journals, newspapers, magazines and books. In addition, the Institute has published the following books on Gandhian Thought and Peace Studies:


  • Essays on Gandhian Thought

    Ravindra Varma, C.S.Dharmadhikari et al. (2004)

  •   Explorations in Culture of Peace

    Siby K. Joseph (ed.), (2006)

  •   Essays on Conflict Resolution

    Siby K. Joseph, Bharat Mahodaya (eds.), (2007)

  •    Khoj Gandhi Ki (Hindi)

    C.S.Dharmadhkari (2008)

  •    Non-violent Struggles of the Twentieth Century:

         Retrospect and Prospect

    Siby K. Joseph, John Moolakkattu,

    Bharat Mahodaya (eds.), (2009)

  •    Contemporary Perspectives on Peace and Non-violence                     

    Siby K. Joseph,  Bharat Mahodaya (eds.), (2010)

  •   Reflections on Hind Swaraj

    Siby K. Joseph, Bharat Mahodaya (eds.), (2011)

  •    Gandhi, Environment and Sustainable Future

    Siby K. Joseph, Bharat  Mahodaya (eds.), (2011)

  •   Gandhi Meri Nazar Mein (Hindi)

    C.S.Dharmadhikari (2011)

  •    Contextualising Gandhian Thought

    Siby K. Joseph (ed.), (2012)

  •   Continuing Relevance of Swadeshi

    Siby K. Joseph, Bharat Mahodaya (eds.), (2012)

The Institute collaborated with other institutions in the publication of following books…

  • My Life; My Story

       Kanti Mehta (2008)

  • Rule of the Heart – The Justice of Chandrasekhar  Dharmadhkari

    Seshrao Chavan(2009)

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