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All India University Student’s Camp

Over the last several years the Institute of Gandhian Studies has been organizing a  Camp for University Students from different parts of India to give them a unique opportunity to
get acquainted with the thought and work of Mahatma Gandhi.
The main objectives of the Institute are to conduct short and long term courses of study in
Gandhian Thought; offer facilities for training in Gandhian constructive and social work; undertake and promote research in various aspects of Gandhian philosophy and action; conduct national and international seminars; provide counselling and evaluation services for those engaged in constructive field work and undertake publications.

This year, the Annual Camp for University Students from all over India will be held from Tuesday the 23rd December 2014 to Tuesday the 30th of December 2014 (both days inclusive) at Wardha. The Camp will provide students with an opportunity to undertake an intensive study of Gandhian Thought, and the struggles and movements inspired by Gandhiji in India and abroad.

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